Plants add liveliness to the environment. They exude positive energy and bring in freshness. They have the power to add beauty to any place. Many people maintain beautiful lawns and terrace gardens while others just fancy if they would ever be able to beautify their houses with herbs and shrubs.
We are sure many of you may have tried growing plants at home but failed. This is because most of us think that it doesn’t take much to grow a garden until we actually try our hands at it. Well, it is not a one time job. You don’t just bring the plants and keep them. They need proper maintenance. Now, we know it can be quite difficult to devote much time to gardening when you have numerous other chores to manage.
So, for those of you who yearn to grow plants at home without having to bother much about their maintenance, we have compiled a list of some beautiful plants that do not require much care and can be grown easily:

  • Green Spider Plant


Green spider plant is known for its beauty. It has grass-like green leaves with yellowish/ creamish streaks in the middle. It grows with little care and spreads fast that makes it look like a dense bunch of leaves. You don’t require any special manure or soil to boost its growth. Just watering it will ensure it. The soil must be kept moist thus it is essential to water it every two-three days in summers. During winters you may let the soil dry before you water it again. It is best kept indoors as it must be protected from direct sunlight. It requires low light and can even thrive in artificial lighting.


  • Dieffenbachia


Dieffenbachia has a long, straight stem with big green leaves having flecks and spots that make it appealing to the eye. It grows well indoors as well as outdoors. It thrives better in partial sunlight. It requires very little care and has a long life span. It stays intact for years. New leaves keep growing as the older ones wither. The plant also bears flower but not that frequently. It is best to plant it in a big pot as it grows up to be quite tall. You may even see new plants blooming in the pot.



This beautiful plant is best kept indoors. Its silver green stems and feather shaped leaves render an exotic look. It grows vertically and also thickens as several new stems keep growing from its base. It is known to be a humidifier. So, besides adding beauty to your place it also prevents dryness and keeps the atmosphere fresh. It can bloom with moderate care. It grows in partial shade and does not require water every day. You must see to it that the pot is not filled with water as its roots begin to rot when watered excessively. The soil must be kept lightly moist during the summer and spring months. During the winter season it requires less watering. The soil can be left slightly dry during winters.


  • Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is known for its healing and medicinal properties. It is often called a miracle plant. The gel extracted from Aloe Vera leaves helps in fighting various health problems and is also great for hair and skin. The best part is that you do not have to go looking for this miraculous gel each time you need it. You can very well grow this plant at home and use it anytime. Aloe Vera spreads rapidly and does not require much care. You just have to plant it once and it will be by your side for years. In fact, you will see many new Aloe Vera plants blooming in your pot. It is thus best to plant it in a big pot or you may shift the new plants to other pots from time to time.

Though it can be kept indoors, it does require bright sunlight to bloom. It is a succulent plant and does not require water every day.



One of the most loved low-maintenance plants, Peace Lily can instantly light up your living space. The broad dark green leaves and the aromatic flowers that bloom on this plant are a delight to the eye. Peace lily will fill your house with fresh fragrance and pure air. It is known to rid the atmosphere of contaminants like formaldehyde and benzene.

Different varieties of Peace Lily include Domino Peace Lily, Little Angel Peace Lily, Piccolino Peace Lily and Patricia Peace Lily. This is an indoor plant that grows best in shade. You can grow it easily as it does not require much care. It does not require watering every day. Just water it once or twice a week and it will bloom.



The beauty of this plant is that it grows in soil as well as water. You can simply keep a few cuttings of money plant in a vase full of water and it will remain fresh for months. This leafy plant requires little care whether you grow it in soil or keep it in water. It will enhance the ambience of your room and bring in positivity. It remains intact when kept in humid atmosphere. Avoid keeping it in areas that see direct sunlight. You just need to water it once or twice a week to keep it fresh.



If you want to add some colour to your indoor setting then this is the plant for you. This beautiful plant is known for a mix of yellow, red, orange and green leaves. It will make your place look vibrant and beautiful. Grow it in an attractive ceramic pot to enhance the look. The plant can thrive indoors with little care. However, it requires bright sunlight to develop those vibrant colours. Thus, keep it at a place where it gets direct sunlight. You don’t need to water it every day. It should be watered only when the soil begins to get dry.


  • Jade Plant


Jade plant does not only add to the beauty of your place but is also known to bring in good luck. The plant has small stems and small, thick green leaves. It can be grown in small pots and requires low maintenance. It does not require any special soil or frequent watering to bloom. It can go without water for almost a month during the winter season. In summers it is suggested to water it once or twice a week. It requires good sunlight to grow. So, place it accordingly.


  • Asparagus


Asparagus has soft hanging spurs that look extremely attractive. The plant also bears lovely white flowers and small red berries that add to its beauty. It grows fast and does not require much care. It blooms well indoors and can even be grown in outdoor setting however it must not be exposed to direct sunlight. It grows best in partial sunlight. The soil must be kept moist to help the plant bloom. This, it must be watered regularly. The plant lightens up during the monsoons.

While its spurs seem soft like fur, they are prickly. Thus, is suggested to be careful while handling it. It is a good idea to place Asparagus at a height to avoid contact with kids.


  • Snake Plant


This easy-to-maintain plant does not only beautify your house but also purifies air. There are different varieties of snake plants and each of them looks equally good. Some of these grow up vertically while others spread width-wise. Different varieties of snake plants include Silver Queen, Hahnii, Laurentii, Seafoam, Bird’s Nest, Robusta, Black Coral and Cylinder Sphere Snake Plant. Snake plant grows equally well in bright sunlight and low light and can thus be kept indoor as well as outdoor. However, it is mostly kept indoors owing to its beautiful look. You don’t require watering it every day. In fact, during winters it can go without water for weeks.

So, now you know which plants to pick. Bring these plants home and add beauty to your place. We suggest you bring a combination of indoor and outdoor plants and fill your entire space with positivity.